Amazon WorkMail
User Guide (Version 1.0)

Create a Meeting Request

You can create a meeting request that includes attendees and resources, and set a reminder to remind you before the meeting starts.

To create a meeting request

  1. In the Amazon WorkMail web application, on the shortcut bar, choose the calendar icon.

  2. On the menu bar, choose New meeting request.

  3. To add one or more attendees, type their names in the To field. Amazon WorkMail suggests names from the address book. You can remove suggestions from this list by selecting a name and then pressing Delete. To add users from the address book or to add them to the Required, Optional, or Resource fields, choose To, and select one or more users from the address book and add them to the appropriate fields.

  4. Enter the following:

    • For Subject, enter a subject for the meeting.

    • For Start and End, specify the start and end times for the meeting.

    • For Location, specify a location.

    • (Optional) For Reminder, set a reminder.

  5. In the lower portion of the meeting invitation, you can add information about the meeting, such as an agenda. To add an attachment to the meeting invitation, choose Attach.

  6. Choose Send invitation.