Supported screen readers - Amazon WorkMail

Supported screen readers

You can use the following browser-based screen readers with Amazon WorkMail:

  • Firefox - NVDA

  • Safari - VoiceOver


For NVDA, some actions work best when you enter or exit Forms mode.

Most of the commands provided can be used across all screen readers. Some screen readers, such as VoiceOver, offer keyboard-based combinations for voiceover controls. For example, in VoiceOver use VO+Right arrow in place of the right-arrow key on your keyboard.


The following exceptions apply only to VoiceOver:

  • VO+Spacebar replaces Enter.

  • VO+Left/Right arrows replace Tab and Shift+Tab.

  • Fn+Delete replaces Delete.

For best accessibility, use plain text as the email format and disable the Preview pane. For information, see the Email settings section in Working with general and email settings.