Device details - Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client

Device details


Device serial number - The identification number assigned to an individual device.

ARN - The unique identifier for the device in Amazon Resource Name (ARN) format.

Device name - The name that you give to a device. If you have not created a name, you can name it, or it will get a default name.

Device type - The type of end user device that is linked to the account.

Activity status - The current status of this device. The two status states are:

  • Active

  • Inactive

Environment ID - The identification number of the environment that the device uses.

Enrollment status - Confirmation that a device has been set up, is associated with this AWS account, and is part of a specific environment. It can be in one of the following four states:

  • Registered - This is the default status.

  • Deregistering - The device is in the Reset and Deregister process.

  • Deregistered - The device has been successfully deregistered.


    You can only delete the device if it’s in either a Deregistered or Archived status.

  • Archived - This device has been marked by the administrator as not currently in service.

Enrolled since - The date the device was activated.

Last logged in - The date and time of the most recent login.

Last posture checked at - The date and time of the most recent device check-in.

Current software version - The software version that this device is currently using.

Scheduled for software update - The scheduled software version on the device.

Software compliance - Confirmation that the software set is valid. There are two status states:

  • Compliant

  • Not Compliant

User log

Last device access - The date and time when this device was last used.