Step 1: Enter your environment details - Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client

Step 1: Enter your environment details

  1. Enter a name for your environment in the Environment details field.

  2. To set up automatic software patches, check the box for Always keep software up-to-date.


    If automatic software updates is not enabled, the devices registered to this environment won't receive software updates until you manually push the update or when the software reaches its expiration and the system forces an update.

    Also, the devices Software Set version is determined by the system. This version may not be the most recent one.

  3. Select when you want to schedule the maintenance window for your environment.

    • Apply system wide maintenance window - Automatically updates the environment software at a determined time each week.

    • Apply custom maintenance window - Set a day and time when you want the environment software to update each week.

  4. Select a virtual desktop service.