Updating environment software - Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client

Updating environment software

WorkSpaces Thin Client is an AWS End User Computing service that provides users access to virtual desktops. These virtual desktops are periodically updated with new software sets. To update environment software, do the following:

  1. Select the software set from the list in Available software updates. For a list of software sets, refer to WorkSpaces Thin Client environment software sets.

  2. Select the Install button.

  3. Select Environments at the top of the page.

  4. Select the environment to update from the list in the Environments section.

  5. Select when to update the environment in the Schedule the update by choosing one of the following:

    • Update software now - Starts the update of the environment software on all registered devices.


      Updating software now may interrupt any active user sessions.

    • Update software during each environments maintenance window - Updates the environment software during the scheduled maintenance window for the environment.

  6. Check the box to authorize the update. This box must be checked for the software to update.

  7. Select the Install button.