Step 2: Test your web portal - Amazon WorkSpaces Web

Step 2: Test your web portal

After you create a web portal, you can sign into the WorkSpaces Web endpoint to browse your connected websites as an end user would.

If you already completed these steps in Configure identity provider, you can skip this section and go to Step 3: Distribute your web portal.

  1. Open the WorkSpaces Web console at

  2. Choose WorkSpaces Web, Web portals, choose your web portal, and then choose View details

  3. Under Web portal endpoint, go to the specified URL for your portal. The web portal endpoint is the access point your users will launch your web portal from after signing in with the identity provider configured for the portal. It's publicly available on the internet and can be embedded into your network.

  4. On the WorkSpaces Web sign-in page, choose Sign in, SAML, and enter your SAML credentials.

  5. When you see the Your session is being prepared page, your WorkSpaces Web session is launching. Do not close or exit this page.

  6. The web browser launches, displaying your startup URL and any other additional behavior configured through your browser policy settings.

  7. You can now browse to connected websites by choosing links or enter URLs into the address bar.