What is Amazon WorkSpaces Secure Browser? - Amazon WorkSpaces Secure Browser

What is Amazon WorkSpaces Secure Browser?


Amazon WorkSpaces Secure Browser was previously known as Amazon WorkSpaces Web.

Amazon WorkSpaces Secure Browser is a fully managed, cloud-native, hosted browser service used to securely access private websites and software-as-a-service (SaaS) web applications, interact with online resources, and browse the internet from a disposable container. WorkSpaces Secure Browser works with a user's existing web browsers, without burdening IT with managing appliances, infrastructure, specialized client software, or virtual private network (VPN) connections. Web content is streamed to the user's web browser, while the actual browser and web content is isolated in AWS. By using the same underlying technologies that power AWS End User Computing services like Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0, WorkSpaces Secure Browser can be more cost effective than traditional virtual desktops, and reduce complexity compared to providing company-owned devices with management software. WorkSpaces Secure Browser reduces the risk of data exfiltration by streaming web content. No HTML, document object model (DOM), or sensitive company data is transmitted to the local machine. By isolating the device, corporate network, and internet from each other, the browser attack surface is virtually eliminated.

You can enforce enterprise browser policy (including URL allow/blocking) on all sessions, and includes session-level controls for clipboard, file transfer, and printer. You can also restrict access to trusted networks or devices by using IP Access Controls. WorkSpaces Secure Browser is easy to set up and operate. Each session launches with a fresh and fully patched version of the Chrome Browser, with company policies and settings applied.

Release history

On May 20, 2024, Amazon WorkSpaces Web was renamed to Amazon WorkSpaces Secure Browser. For existing customers, there was no change to how they manage users or resources with the service. The following list describes the applicable updates that also took place as a result of this rename.

The workspaces-web API namespace remains unchanged for backward compatibility. As a result, the following resources are still the same:

In addition, existing portal URLs remain the same. URLs for portals created before May 20, 2024 used the format <UUID>.workspaces-web.com. WorkSpaces Secure Browser portals continue to use this format and the workspaces-web.com domain.