Configure network settings - Amazon WorkSpaces Web

Configure network settings

  1. Open the WorkSpaces Web console at

  2. Choose WorkSpaces Web, then Web portals, and then choose Create web portal.

  3. On the Step 1: Specify networking connection page, complete the following steps to connect your VPC to your web portal and configure your VPC and subnets.

    1. For Networking details, choose a VPC with a connection to the content you want your users to access with WorkSpaces Web.

    2. Choose up to three private subnets that meet the following requirements. For more information, see Networking and access.

      • You must choose a minimum of two private subnets to create a portal.

      • To ensure high availability for your web portal, we recommend you provide the maximum number of private subnets in unique availability zones for your VPC.

    3. Choose a security group.