Monitor your WorkSpaces - Amazon WorkSpaces

Monitor your WorkSpaces

You can use the following features to monitor your WorkSpaces.

CloudWatch metrics

Amazon WorkSpaces publishes data points to Amazon CloudWatch about your WorkSpaces. CloudWatch enables you to retrieve statistics about those data points as an ordered set of time-series data, known as metrics. You can use these metrics to verify that your WorkSpaces are performing as expected. For more information, see Monitor your WorkSpaces using CloudWatch metrics.

CloudWatch Events

Amazon WorkSpaces can submit events to Amazon CloudWatch Events when users log in to your WorkSpace. This enables you to respond when the event occurs. For more information, see Monitor your WorkSpaces using Amazon EventBridge.

CloudTrail logs

AWS CloudTrail provides a record of actions taken by a user, role, or an AWS service in WorkSpaces. Using the information collected by CloudTrail, you can determine the request that was made to WorkSpaces, the IP address from which the request was made, who made the request, when it was made, and additional details. For more information, see Logging WorkSpaces API Calls by Using CloudTrail. AWS CloudTrail logs successful and unsuccessful sign-in events for smart card users. For more information, see Understanding AWS sign-in events for smart card users.

CloudWatch Internet Monitor

Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor provides visibility into how internet issues impact the performance and availability between your applications hosted on AWS and your end users. You can also use CloudWatch Internet Monitor to:

  • Create monitors for one or more WorkSpace directories.

  • Monitor internet performance.

  • Get alarms for issues between your end users’ city-network, including its location and ASN, which is typically the Internet Service Provider (ISP), and their WorkSpace Regions.

Internet Monitor uses the connectivity data that AWS captures from its global networking footprint to calculate a baseline of performance and availability for internet-facing traffic. Internet Monitor currently can't provide internet performance for individual end user but it can at city and ISP level.