What is AWS Database Migration Service? - AWS Database Migration Service


What is AWS Database Migration Service?

AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) 是一项云服务,可轻松迁移关系数据库、数据仓库、NoSQL 数据库及其他类型的数据存储。您可以使用 AWS DMS 将数据迁移到 AWS 云,在本地实例之间(通过 AWS 云设置)进行迁移,或者在云与本地设置的组合之间进行迁移。

利用 AWS DMS,可以执行一次性迁移,而且可以复制持续更改以保持源和目标同步。如果要更改数据库引擎,可以使用 AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT) 将数据库架构转移到新平台。然后,可以使用 AWS DMS 迁移数据。由于 AWS DMS 是 AWS 云的一部分,您将获得 AWS 服务提供的成本效益、上市速度、安全性与灵活性。

有关什么 AWS 区域支持 AWS DMS 的信息,请参阅使用 AWS DMS 复制实例。有关数据库迁移成本的信息,请参阅 AWS Database Migration Service 定价页面

Migration tasks that AWS DMS performs

AWS DMS 负责迁移项目中涉及的许多困难或繁琐的任务。

  • In a traditional solution, you need to perform capacity analysis, procure hardware and software, install and administer systems, and test and debug the installation. AWS DMS automatically manages the deployment, management, and monitoring of all hardware and software needed for your migration. Your migration can be up and running within minutes of starting the AWS DMS configuration process.

  • With AWS DMS, you can scale up (or scale down) your migration resources as needed to match your actual workload. For example, if you determine that you need additional storage, you can easily increase your allocated storage and restart your migration, usually within minutes. On the other hand, if you discover that you aren't using all of the resource capacity you configured, you can easily downsize to meet your actual workload.

  • AWS DMS uses a pay-as-you-go model. You only pay for AWS DMS resources while you use them, as opposed to traditional licensing models with up-front purchase costs and ongoing maintenance charges.

  • AWS DMS automatically manages all of the infrastructure that supports your migration server, including hardware and software, software patching, and error reporting.

  • AWS DMS provides automatic failover. If your primary replication server fails for any reason, a backup replication server can take over with little or no interruption of service.

  • AWS DMS can help you switch to a modern, perhaps more cost-effective, database engine than the one you are running now. For example, AWS DMS can help you take advantage of the managed database services provided by Amazon RDS or Amazon Aurora. Or it can help you move to the managed data warehouse service provided by Amazon Redshift, NoSQL platforms like Amazon DynamoDB, or low-cost storage platforms like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Conversely, if you want to migrate away from old infrastructure but continue to use the same database engine, AWS DMS also supports that process.

  • AWS DMS supports nearly all of today's most popular DBMS engines as data sources, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Db2 LUW, SAP, MongoDB, and Amazon Aurora.

  • AWS DMS provides a broad coverage of available target engines including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, SAP ASE, Amazon S3, and Amazon DynamoDB.

  • You can migrate from any of the supported data sources to any of the supported data targets. AWS DMS supports fully heterogeneous data migrations between the supported engines.

  • AWS DMS ensures that your data migration is secure. Data at rest is encrypted with AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) encryption. During migration, you can use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to encrypt your in-flight data as it travels from source to target.

How AWS DMS works at the basic level

在最基本级别上,AWS DMS 是 AWS 云中运行复制软件的服务器。您创建源和目标连接以告知 AWS DMS 要在其中提取和加载的位置。然后,计划在此服务器上运行以迁移数据的任务。AWS DMS 会创建表和关联的主键(如果它们在目标上不存在)。如果您愿意,则可以预先手动创建目标表。或者,也可以使用 AWS SCT 创建部分或全部目标表、索引、视图、触发器等。

下列示意图说明了 AWS DMS 过程。

                AWS DMS (进程)

运行 AWS DMS 过程的完整步骤

  1. 要开始迁移项目,请确定您的源和目标数据存储。这些数据存储可以驻留在上述任何数据引擎上。

  2. 对于源和目标,请配置 AWS DMS 内指定到数据库的连接信息的终端节点。这些终端节点使用适当的 ODBC 驱动程序与您的源和目标进行通信。

  3. 调配A replication instance,这是一个服务器 AWS DMS 使用复制软件自动配置。

  4. 创建 replication task,指定要应用的实际数据表迁移和数据转换规则。 AWS DMS 管理运行复制任务并为迁移过程提供状态。


  • If you are new to AWS DMS but familiar with other AWS services, start with AWS Database Migration Service 的工作原理. This section dives into the key components of AWS DMS and the overall process of setting up and running a migration.

  • If you want to switch database engines, the AWS schema conversion tool can convert your existing database schema, including tables, indexes, and most application code, to the target platform.

  • For information on related AWS services that you might need to design your migration strategy, see AWS Cloud products.

  • Amazon Web Services provides a number of database services. For guidance on which service is best for your environment, see Running databases on AWS.

  • For an overview of all AWS products, see What is cloud computing?