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User Guide (API Version 2010-05-15)
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CloudFront DistributionConfig Type

DistributionConfig is an embedded property of the AWS::CloudFront::Distribution type.


   "Aliases" : [ String, ... ],
   "CacheBehaviors" : [ CacheBehavior, ... ],
   "Comment" : String,
   "DefaultCacheBehavior" : DefaultCacheBehavior,
   "DefaultRootObject" : String,
   "Enabled" : Boolean,
   "Logging" : Logging,
   "Origins" : [ Origin, ... ]



CNAMEs (alternate domain names), if any, for the distribution.

Required: No

Type: List of Strings


A list of CacheBehavior types for the distribution.

Required: No

Type: List of CacheBehavior

Update requires: no interruption


Any comments you want to include about the distribution.

Required: No

Type: String

Update requires: no interruption


The default cache behavior that is triggered if you do not specify a CacheBehavior element, or if files don't match any of the values of PathPattern in CacheBehavior elements.

Required: Yes

Type: DefaultCacheBehavior type

Update requires: no interruption


The object (ex. "index.html") that you want CloudFront to request from your origin when the root URL for your distribution (ex. "") is requested.


Specifying a default root object avoids exposing the contents of your distribution.

Required: No

Type: String


Controls whether the distribution is enabled to accept end user requests for content.

Required: Yes

Type: Boolean


Controls whether access logs are written for the distribution. To turn on access logs, include this property.

Required: No

Type: Logging type


A list of origins for this CloudFront distribution. For each origin, you can specify whether it is an S3 or custom origin.

Required: Yes

Type: list of Origins.

Template Examples

To view AWS::CloudFront::Distribution snippets, see Amazon CloudFront Template Snippets.

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