AWS CloudFormation
User Guide (API Version 2010-05-15)

CloudFront Distribution Origin

Origin is a property of the DistributionConfig property that describes an Amazon CloudFront distribution origin.



{ "CustomOriginConfig" : CustomOriginConfig, "DomainName" : String, "Id" : String, "OriginCustomHeaders" : [ OriginCustomHeader, ... ] "OriginPath" : String, "S3OriginConfig" : S3OriginConfig }


CustomOriginConfig: CustomOriginConfig DomainName: String Id: String OriginCustomHeaders: - OriginCustomHeader OriginPath: String S3OriginConfig: S3OriginConfig



For more information about the constraints and valid values of each property, see the Origin data type in the Amazon CloudFront API Reference.


Origin information to specify a custom origin.

Required: Conditional. You cannot use CustomOriginConfig and S3OriginConfig in the same Origin, but you must specify one or the other.

Type: CustomOriginConfig type


The DNS name of the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket or the HTTP server from which you want CloudFront to get objects for this origin.

Required: Yes

Type: String


An identifier for the origin. The value of Id must be unique within the distribution.

Required: Yes

Type: String


Custom headers that CloudFront includes when it forwards a request to your origin.

Required: No

Type: List of OriginCustomHeader type


The path that CloudFront uses to request content from an S3 bucket or custom origin. The combination of the DomainName and OriginPath properties must resolve to a valid path. The value must start with a slash mark (/) and cannot end with a slash mark.

Required: No

Type: String


Origin information to specify an S3 origin.

Required: Conditional. You cannot use S3OriginConfig and CustomOriginConfig in the same Origin, but you must specify one or the other.

Type: S3OriginConfig type

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