AWS CloudFormation
User Guide (API Version 2010-05-15)

CloudFront ForwardedValues

ForwardedValues is a property of the DefaultCacheBehavior and CacheBehavior properties that indicates whether Amazon CloudFront forwards query strings or cookies.


  "Cookies" : Cookies,
  "Headers" : [ String, ... ],
  "QueryString" : Boolean



For more information about the constraints and valid values of each property, see the elements table in the DistributionConfig Complex Type topic in the Amazon CloudFront API Reference.


Forwards specified cookies to the origin of the cache behavior.

Required: No

Type: CloudFront ForwardedValues Cookies


Specifies the headers that you want Amazon CloudFront to forward to the origin for this cache behavior (whitelisted headers). For the headers that you specify, Amazon CloudFront also caches separate versions of a specified object that is based on the header values in viewer requests.

If you specify a single asterisk (["*"]), all headers are forwarded. If you don't specify a value, only the default headers are forwarded.

Required: No

Type: List of strings


Indicates whether you want CloudFront to forward query strings to the origin that is associated with this cache behavior. If so, specify true; if not, specify false.

Required: Yes

Type: Boolean