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User Guide for Linux (API Version 2015-04-15)
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Spot Instance Limits

Spot Instance requests are subject to the following limits:

MaxSpotInstanceCountExceeded Error

If you submit a Spot Instance request and you receive the error Max spot instance count exceeded, your account has exceeded either its overall limit for the region, or the limit for the specific instance type for the region. To submit a limit increase request, go to AWS Support Center and complete the request form. In the Use Case Description field, indicate that you are requesting an increase to the request limit for Spot Instances.

Overall Spot Request Limit

The overall limit applies to active or open Spot Instance requests. If you terminate your Spot Instance but do not cancel the request, your overall limit can include the request until the Spot service detects the termination and closes your request.

The following table lists the overall request limit for Spot Instances. Note that new AWS accounts might have lower limits.


The total number of Spot Instance requests

20 per region

Spot Request Limits by Instance Type

The following table lists the default special limits for specific instance types. For instance types not listed here, your overall Spot Instance request limit applies. The sum of all active or open Spot Instance requests in a region can't exceed the overall Spot Instance request limit per region.

Spot Instance typeLimit per region





c3.4xlarge and c3.8xlarge


c4.large, c4.xlarge, c4.2xlarge, c4.4xlarge, and c4.8xlarge






m2.2xlarge and m2.4xlarge




r3.large, r3.xlarge, and r3.2xlarge


r3.4xlarge and r3.8xlarge


Unsupported Instance Types

The following instance types are not supported for Spot:

  • T2

  • I2

  • HS1

Some Spot Instance types aren't available in every region. To view the supported instance types for a region, go to Spot Instance Pricing and select the region from the Region list.

Spot Bid Price Limit

The bid price limit is designed to protect you from incurring unexpected charges.

The following table lists the bid price limit for Spot Instances.


Bid price

Ten times the On-Demand price