AWS Certificate Manager
User Guide (Version 1.0)

Configure Email for Your Domain

Once you have a registered domain name, use your registrar's website to associate an email address with it. Domain name registrars usually require that you list contact information for your domain. The contact information is entered with WHOIS. ACM uses the contact information to identify who to contact when validating domain ownership. In the process of validating your identity, an email is sent to the following three registered contact addresses in WHOIS:

  • Domain registrant

  • Technical contact

  • Administrative contact


Some registrars allow you to hide your contact information in your WHOIS listing, and others allow you to substitute your real email address with a privacy (or proxy) address. To prevent problems with receiving the domain validation email from ACM, ensure your contact information is visible in WHOIS. If your WHOIS listing shows a privacy email address, ensure that email sent to the privacy address is forwarded to your real email address, or list your real email address instead.

Email is also sent to the following five common system administration addresses:

  • administrator@your_domain

  • hostmaster@your_domain

  • postmaster@your_domain

  • webmaster@your_domain

  • admin@your_domain

The validation email contains instructions for confirming that the domain owner or an appointed representative approves of the ACM Certificate. For more information about validation, see Validate Domain Ownership.