Amazon Athena
User Guide  | API Reference

Known Limitations

The following are known limitations in Amazon Athena.


  • User-defined functions (UDF or UDAFs) are not supported.
  • Stored procedures are not supported.
  • Currently, Athena does not support any transactions found in Hive or Presto. For a full list of keywords not supported, see Unsupported DDL.

Tips and Tricks#

The following tips and tricks might help you avoid surprises when working with Athena.

Use Double data type instead of Float#

The Float data type is not supported. Use Double instead.

Names that begin with an underscore#

Use backticks if table or column names begin with an underscore. For example:

CREATE TABLE `_myUnderScoreTable` (
`_id` string,

Table names that include numbers#

Enclose table names that include numbers in quotation marks. For example:

`_id` string,
`_index` string,

For the LOCATION clause, using a trailing slash#

In the LOCATION clause, use a trailing slash for your folder or bucket, not filenames or glob characters. For example:



Don't use:


Athena table names are case-insensitive#

If you are interacting with Apache Spark, then your table column names must be lowercase. Athena is case-insensitive but Spark requires lowercase table names.

Athena table and database names allow only underscore special characters#

Athena table and database names cannot contain special characters, other than underscore (_).