Amazon Chime
Administration Guide

What is Amazon Chime?

Amazon Chime is a secure, real-time, unified communications service that helps you run online meetings efficiently. Amazon Chime runs securely on the AWS cloud. The service delivers high-quality audio and video through an application that is easy to use and stays in sync across all of your devices. With Amazon Chime, meetings start on time and a visual roster makes them easy to manage.


As an administrator, you'll use the Amazon Chime console to perform key tasks, such as creating Amazon Chime accounts, managing Amazon Chime users, and managing Amazon Chime licenses. You must have an AWS account to access the Amazon Chime console.

With Amazon Chime, you choose a subscription plan for your Amazon Chime users: Amazon Chime Plus or Amazon Chime Pro. Pricing is per user per month, and if you change plans within a month, plans are prorated daily. You can try Amazon Chime Pro for 30 days for free. You can change or cancel a subscription at any time. For more information, see Plans and pricing.

There are two types of Amazon Chime accounts: team accounts and enterprise accounts. When you create an Amazon Chime account, it is a team account. You can invite users from any email domain to join a team account using the Amazon Chime console. Users receive an invitation email. When users accept your invitation, they are granted an Amazon Chime Plus license. Users can download the Amazon Chime client application at any time, and can be granted an Amazon Chime Pro license from the Amazon Chime console. For more information, see Get Started Using Amazon Chime.

If your users are from your organization's email domain, you can convert your team account to an enterprise account. To do this, you send email invitations to your users with instructions to download the Amazon Chime client application. Your users then register for Amazon Chime using their corporate email addresses, which automatically adds them to your Amazon Chime enterprise account. You can also choose to connect your Amazon Chime account with your Active Directory. This enables your Amazon Chime users to log in to Amazon Chime using their directory credentials. For more information, see Manage Users for an Amazon Chime Enterprise Account.

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