Amazon Cognito
Developer Guide (Version Last Updated: 08/26/2017)

Setting Up the AWS Mobile SDK for iOS to Work with User Pools

Amazon Cognito Identity provides a Mobile SDK for iOS. The following topic provides set-up instructions and examples for common tasks while working with user pools.

Installing the AWS Mobile SDK for iOS

The following procedure describes how to set up the SDK.

To set up the Mobile SDK for iOS

  1. Follow the instructions here: Set Up the Mobile SDK for iOS.

  2. If you are using CocoaPods, add pod AWSCognitoIdentityProvider to your PodSpec and #import AWSCognitoIdentityProvider.h in the classes you want to use it in.

  3. If you are using Frameworks, add AWSCognitoIdentityProvider.framework and #import <AWSCognitoIdentityProvider/AWSCognitoIdentityProvider.h> into the classes you want to use it.