AWS Greengrass
User Guide

Copy and extract the Greengrass software package onto your core device

  1. Determine the IP address of the device where you will install the AWS Greengrass core software.

  2. The Greengrass software package will be named as follows:



    When downloaded with the Safari browser, the file will have a .tar extension. The file contents remain the same. Modify all following commands to use the .tar extension.

    Use the scp command to copy the Greengrass software package into the home directory of your AWS Greengrass core device:

    scp greengrass-linux-armv7l-1.0.0-release.tar.gz HOST_NAME@IP_ADDRESS:~


    Replace the IP_ADDRESS used in this command with the IP address of your AWS Greengrass core device. In this example, we are using the Greengrass software package for Raspberry Pi 3.

  3. On your AWS Greengrass core device, use the following command to expand the package:

    sudo tar -zxf greengrass-<os-name>-<platform-type>-<version>.tar.gz -C /