AWS Greengrass
User Guide

Start your AWS Greengrass core to connect it to the cloud

Run the following command from the /greengrass directory to start your core and enable a cloud connection to AWS IoT.

sudo ./greengrassd start

If the Greengass daemon starts successfully, you should see the following output:

sudo /greengrass/greengrassd start Setting up greengrass daemon Validating execution environment ggc_group:x:119: Found cgroup subsystem: cpu Found cgroup subsystem: cpuacct Found cgroup subsystem: blkio Found cgroup subsystem: memory Found cgroup subsystem: devices Found cgroup subsystem: freezer Found cgroup subsystem: net_cls Starting greengrass daemon PID: 1306 Greengrass daemon started

If you see the following error:

The cgroup subsystem is not mounted: cpuset

run this script to mount enabled cgroups.


Linux control groups (cgroups) are used to limit the resources that can be accessed by Lambda functions that run on your AWS Greengrass core device.

You can automatically reconfigure the Lambda cgroup when you reboot your AWS Greengrass core device by adding cgroup /sys/fs/cgroup cgroup defaults 0 0 to the /etc/fstab file on your AWS Greengrass core device.