Amazon Pinpoint
Developer Guide

What Is Amazon Pinpoint?

Amazon Pinpoint is an AWS service that you can use to improve user engagement by reaching out to user segments through push notification campaigns.

Push notifications are essential to keep mobile app users coming back to your app. But sending push notifications to the wrong users at the wrong times can cause users to disengage from your app or even delete it from their devices. Amazon Pinpoint helps you target push notifications to invite users back to your app who haven't run it recently, offer special promotions to users who haven't purchased recently, and measure how effective your messages are at keeping your users engaged.

How Amazon Pinpoint Works

The following diagram shows how Amazon Pinpoint works. Your mobile app sends Amazon Pinpoint data about when, how often, and how long users engage with the app. As Amazon Pinpoint accumulates data about the attributes of your app users, you define user segments. You can send special messages to the users in these segments to bring them back to the app, make them special offers, or otherwise increase their engagement and purchase activity. Then you can create campaigns that send push notifications to these user segments.

                    Shows how Amazon Pinpoint works.

User segments are defined based on user behavior, monetization activity, app platforms, device types, countries, and custom attributes. You can specify details for your push notifications, including message text and which action to take when the user interacts with the notification. Campaigns engage specific user segments with push notifications that include a call to action or offer in-app purchase opportunities. To experiment with alternative campaign strategies, you set up your campaign as an A/B test and include two or more treatments of the campaign's message or schedule.

As the users of your app interact with the push notifications sent by your campaigns, information about when and how they respond is returned to Amazon Pinpoint so you can measure the impact of each campaign. If your campaign is an A/B test, you can compare the effectiveness of the different campaign treatments.

Currently, Amazon Pinpoint is available in the US East (N. Virginia) Region.

Integrating Amazon Pinpoint

Amazon Pinpoint captures and presents information about user engagement in apps. To do this, you integrate Amazon Pinpoint into your app code so the app can connect to the service and then report events about app usage. Amazon Pinpoint compiles the app usage events into user engagement analytics that you use to identify and engage with specific segments of users.