AWS CloudFormation
User Guide (API Version 2010-05-15)

Amazon Elastic Container Service TaskDefinition Volumes

Volumes is a property of the AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition resource that specifies a list of data volumes, which your containers can then access.



{ "DockerVolumeConfiguration" : DockerVolumeConfiguration, "Host" : Host, "Name" : String }


DockerVolumeConfiguration: DockerVolumeConfiguration Host: Host Name: String


For more information about each property, see Task Definition Parameters in the Amazon Elastic Container Service Developer Guide.


Specifies the configuration of a Docker volume. This parameter is specified when using Docker volumes. Docker volumes are only supported when using the EC2 launch type. Windows containers only support the use of the local driver. To use bind mounts, specify a host instead.

Required: No

Type: Amazon ECS TaskDefinition DockerVolumeConfiguration


Determines whether your data volume persists on the host container instance and at the location where it is stored.

Required: No

Type: Amazon Elastic Container Service TaskDefinition Volumes Host


The name of the volume. To specify mount points in your container definitions, use the value of this property.

Required: Yes

Type: String

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