Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
User Guide for Linux Instances

Amazon EC2 Instances

If you're new to Amazon EC2, see the following topics to get started:

Before you launch a production environment, you need to answer the following questions.

Q. What instance type best meets my needs?

Amazon EC2 provides different instance types to enable you to choose the CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity that you need to run your applications. For more information, see Instance Types.

Q. What purchasing option best meets my needs?

Amazon EC2 supports On-Demand instances (the default), Spot instances, and Reserved Instances. For more information, see Instance Purchasing Options.

Q. Which type of root volume meets my needs?

Each instance is backed by Amazon EBS or backed by instance store. Select an AMI based on which type of root volume you need. For more information, see Storage for the Root Device.

Q. Can I remotely manage a fleet of EC2 instances and machines in my hybrid environment?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Run Command lets you remotely and securely manage the configuration of your Amazon EC2 instances, virtual machines (VMs) and servers in hybrid environments, or VMs from other cloud providers. For more information, see Systems Manager Remote Management (Run Command).