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VSS components

To create application-consistent snapshots on Windows operating systems, the AwsVssComponents package must be installed on the instance. The package contains an on-instance EC2 VSS Agent that functions as the VSS requester, and an EC2 VSS provider for EBS volumes.

There are several ways that you can install the component onto an existing instance:

You can also create an AMI with EC2 Image Builder that uses the aws-vss-components-windows managed component to install the AwsVssComponents package for the image. The managed component uses AWS Systems Manager Distributor to install the package. After Image Builder creates the image, every instance that you launch from the associated AMI will have the VSS package installed on it. For more information about how you can create an AMI with the VSS package installed, see Distributor package managed components for Windows in the EC2 Image Builder User Guide.