AMD SEV-SNP - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud


AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization-Secure Nested Paging (AMD SEV-SNP) is a CPU feature that provides the following properties:

  • Attestation – AMD SEV-SNP enables you to retrieve a signed attestation report that contains a cryptographic measure that can be used to validate the instance’s state and identity, and that it is running on genuine AMD hardware. For more information, see Attestation with AMD SEV-SNP.

  • Memory encryption – Starting with AMD EPYC (Milan), AWS Graviton2, and Intel Xeon Scalable (Ice Lake) processors, instance memory is always encrypted. Instances that are enabled for AMD SEV-SNP use an instance-specific key for their memory encryption.


When you launch an Amazon EC2 instance with AMD SEV-SNP turned on, you are charged an additional hourly usage fee that is equivalent to 10 percent of the On-Demand hourly rate of the selected instance type.

This AMD SEV-SNP usage fee is a separate charge to your Amazon EC2 instance usage. Reserved Instances, Savings Plans, and operating system usage don't impact this fee.