Verify the EC2Launch v2 version - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Verify the EC2Launch v2 version

Use the following procedure to verify the version of EC2Launch v2 that is installed on your instances.

To verify the installed version of EC2Launch v2

  1. Launch an instance from your AMI and connect to it.

  2. In the Control Panel, select Programs and Features.

  3. In the list of installed programs, look for Amazon EC2Launch. Its version number appears in the Version column.

For information about the EC2Launch v2 versions included in the Windows AMIs, see AWS Windows AMIs.

For the latest version of EC2Launch v2, see EC2Launch v2 version history.

For the latest version of the EC2Launch v2 migration tool, see EC2Launch v2 migration tool version history.

You can receive notifications when new versions of the EC2Launch v2 service are released. For more information, see Subscribe to EC2Launch v2 service notifications.