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Resource Groups Tagging API

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Package Description

Resource Groups Tagging API

This guide describes the API operations for the resource groups tagging.

A tag is a label that you assign to an AWS resource. A tag consists of a key and a value, both of which you define. For example, if you have two Amazon EC2 instances, you might assign both a tag key of "Stack." But the value of "Stack" might be "Testing" for one and "Production" for the other.

Tagging can help you organize your resources and enables you to simplify resource management, access management and cost allocation.

You can use the resource groups tagging API operations to complete the following tasks:

To make full use of the resource groups tagging API operations, you might need additional IAM permissions, including permission to access the resources of individual services as well as permission to view and apply tags to those resources. For more information, see Obtaining Permissions for Resource Groups and Tag Editor.

You can use the Resource Groups Tagging API to tag resources for the following AWS services.

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