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The WorkDocs API is designed for the following use cases:

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Package Description

The WorkDocs API is designed for the following use cases:

All Amazon WorkDocs API actions are Amazon authenticated and certificate-signed. They not only require the use of the AWS SDK, but also allow for the exclusive use of IAM users and roles to help facilitate access, trust, and permission policies. By creating a role and allowing an IAM user to access the Amazon WorkDocs site, the IAM user gains full administrative visibility into the entire Amazon WorkDocs site (or as set in the IAM policy). This includes, but is not limited to, the ability to modify file permissions and upload any file to any user. This allows developers to perform the three use cases above, as well as give users the ability to grant access on a selective basis using the IAM model.

The pricing for Amazon WorkDocs APIs varies depending on the API call type for these actions:

  • READ (Get*)

  • WRITE (Activate*, Add*, Create*, Deactivate*, Initiate*, Update*)

  • LIST (Describe*)


For information about Amazon WorkDocs API pricing, see Amazon WorkDocs Pricing.

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