Amazon Simple Queue Service
Developer Guide

Amazon SQS Batch API Actions

In the 2009-02-01 API version of Amazon SQS, only the ReceiveMessage action supports batch processing (processing more than one message with a single call).

From the 2011-10-01 API version of Amazon SQS, you can use batch functionality to send and delete messages and to change the message visibility timeout:

  • To send up to ten messages at once, use the SendMessageBatch action.

  • To delete up to ten messages with one API call, use the DeleteMessageBatch action.

  • To change the visibility timeout value for up to ten messages, use the ChangeMessageVisibilityBatch action.

To reduce costs, take advantage of batch functionality by using the Query API or a Software Development Kit (SDK) that supports the new Amazon SQS batch actions.


The Amazon SQS console does not support batch API actions.

For details and examples of the following three batch API actions, see the Amazon Simple Queue Service API Reference:

Maximum Message Size for SendMessageBatch

You can send a message as large as 262,144 bytes (256 KB) with SendMessageBatch. However, the total size of all the messages that you send in a single call to SendMessageBatch can't exceed 262,144 bytes (256 KB).