Working with policies - Amazon CloudFront

Working with policies

With CloudFront policies, you can control the values that are included in the cache key for objects that are cached at CloudFront edge locations. These values can include HTTP request query strings, headers, and cookies. The cache key determines whether a viewer request results in a cache hit (the object is served to the viewer from a CloudFront edge location).

When there’s a cache miss (the requested object is not cached at the edge location), CloudFront sends a request to the origin to retrieve the object. This is called an origin request. You can separately control which of these values (query strings, headers, and cookies) are included in the origin request.

You control the cache key with a cache policy and the origin request with an origin request policy. By controlling the cache key and the origin request separately, you can forward request values to your origin without duplicating cached content when the content doesn’t differ based on those values.

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