Get started with CloudWatch alarms using an AWS SDK - Amazon CloudWatch

Get started with CloudWatch alarms using an AWS SDK

The following code example shows how to:

  • Create an alarm.

  • Disable alarm actions.

  • Describe an alarm.

  • Delete an alarm.


There's more on GitHub. Find the complete example and learn how to set up and run in the AWS Code Examples Repository.

DATA lt_alarmnames TYPE /aws1/cl_cwtalarmnames_w=>tt_alarmnames. DATA lo_alarmname TYPE REF TO /aws1/cl_cwtalarmnames_w. "Create an alarm" TRY. lo_cwt->putmetricalarm( iv_alarmname = iv_alarm_name iv_comparisonoperator = iv_comparison_operator iv_evaluationperiods = iv_evaluation_periods iv_metricname = iv_metric_name iv_namespace = iv_namespace iv_statistic = iv_statistic iv_threshold = iv_threshold iv_actionsenabled = iv_actions_enabled iv_alarmdescription = iv_alarm_description iv_unit = iv_unit iv_period = iv_period it_dimensions = it_dimensions ). MESSAGE 'Alarm created' TYPE 'I'. CATCH /aws1/cx_cwtlimitexceededfault. MESSAGE 'The request processing has exceeded the limit' TYPE 'E'. ENDTRY. "Create an ABAP internal table for the created alarm." CREATE OBJECT lo_alarmname EXPORTING iv_value = iv_alarm_name. INSERT lo_alarmname INTO TABLE lt_alarmnames. "Disable alarm actions." TRY. lo_cwt->disablealarmactions( it_alarmnames = lt_alarmnames ). MESSAGE 'Alarm actions disabled' TYPE 'I'. CATCH /aws1/cx_rt_service_generic INTO DATA(lo_disablealarm_exception). DATA(lv_disablealarm_error) = |"{ lo_disablealarm_exception->av_err_code }" - { lo_disablealarm_exception->av_err_msg }|. MESSAGE lv_disablealarm_error TYPE 'E'. ENDTRY. "Describe alarm using the same ABAP internal table." TRY. oo_result = lo_cwt->describealarms( " oo_result is returned for testing purpose " it_alarmnames = lt_alarmnames ). MESSAGE 'Alarms retrieved' TYPE 'I'. CATCH /aws1/cx_rt_service_generic INTO DATA(lo_describealarms_exception). DATA(lv_describealarms_error) = |"{ lo_describealarms_exception->av_err_code }" - { lo_describealarms_exception->av_err_msg }|. MESSAGE lv_describealarms_error TYPE 'E'. ENDTRY. "Delete alarm." TRY. lo_cwt->deletealarms( it_alarmnames = lt_alarmnames ). MESSAGE 'Alarms deleted' TYPE 'I'. CATCH /aws1/cx_cwtresourcenotfound . MESSAGE 'Resource being access is not found.' TYPE 'E'. ENDTRY.

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