AutoScalingGroupProviderUpdate - Amazon Elastic Container Service


The details of the Auto Scaling group capacity provider to update.



The managed scaling settings for the Auto Scaling group capacity provider.

When managed scaling is enabled, Amazon ECS manages the scale-in and scale-out actions of the Auto Scaling group. Amazon ECS manages a target tracking scaling policy using an Amazon ECS-managed CloudWatch metric with the specified targetCapacity value as the target value for the metric. For more information, see Using Managed Scaling in the Amazon Elastic Container Service Developer Guide.

If managed scaling is disabled, the user must manage the scaling of the Auto Scaling group.

Type: ManagedScaling object

Required: No


The managed termination protection setting to use for the Auto Scaling group capacity provider. This determines whether the Auto Scaling group has managed termination protection.


When using managed termination protection, managed scaling must also be used otherwise managed termination protection will not work.

When managed termination protection is enabled, Amazon ECS prevents the Amazon EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group that contain tasks from being terminated during a scale-in action. The Auto Scaling group and each instance in the Auto Scaling group must have instance protection from scale-in actions enabled as well. For more information, see Instance Protection in the AWS Auto Scaling User Guide.

When managed termination protection is disabled, your Amazon EC2 instances are not protected from termination when the Auto Scaling group scales in.

Type: String


Required: No

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