Troubleshooting Amazon EBS volume attachments to Amazon ECS tasks - Amazon Elastic Container Service

Troubleshooting Amazon EBS volume attachments to Amazon ECS tasks

You might need to troubleshoot or verify the attachment of Amazon EBS volumes to Amazon ECS tasks.

Check volume attachment status

You can use the AWS Management Console to view the status of an Amazon EBS volume's attachment to an Amazon ECS task. If the task starts and the attachment fails, you'll also see a status reason that you can use to troubleshoot. The created volume will be deleted and the task will be stopped. For more information about status reasons, see Status reasons for Amazon EBS volume attachment to Amazon ECS tasks.

To view a volume's attachment status and status reason using the console
  1. Open the console at

  2. On the Clusters page, choose the cluster that your task is running in. The cluster's details page appears.

  3. On the cluster's details page, choose the Tasks tab.

  4. Choose the task that you want to view the volume attachment status for. You might need to use Filter desired status and choose Stopped if the task you want to examine has stopped.

  5. On the task's details page, choose the Volumes tab. You will be able to see the attachment status of the Amazon EBS volume under Attachment status. If the volume fails to attach to the task, you can choose the status under Attachment status to display the cause of the failure.

You can also view a task's volume attachment status and associated status reason by using the DescribeTasks API.

Service and task failures

You might encounter service or task failures that aren't specific to Amazon EBS volumes that can affect volume attachment. For more information, see