Resetting a lost or forgotten root user password - AWS Identity and Access Management

Resetting a lost or forgotten root user password

When you first created your AWS account, you provided an email address and password. These are your AWS account root user credentials. If you forget your root user password, you can reset the password from the AWS Management Console.

To reset your root user password:
  1. Use your AWS account email address to begin signing in to the AWS Management Console as the root user and then choose Next.


    If you are signed in to the AWS Management Console with IAM user credentials, then you must sign out before you can reset the root user password. If you see the account-specific IAM user sign-in page, choose Sign-in using root account credentials near the bottom of the page. If necessary, provide your account email address and choose Next to access the Root user sign in page.

  2. Choose Forgot your password?.


    If you are an IAM user, this option is not available. The Forgot your password? option is only available for the root user account. IAM users must ask their administrator to reset a forgotten password. For more information, see I forgot my IAM user password for my AWS account. If you sign in through the AWS access portal, see Resetting your IAM Identity Center user password.

  3. Provide the email address that is associated with the account. Then provide the CAPTCHA text and choose Continue.

  4. Check the email that is associated with your AWS account for a message from Amazon Web Services. The email will come from an address ending in Follow the directions in the email. If you don't see the email in your account, check your spam folder. If you no longer have access to the email, see I don't have access to the email for my AWS account in the AWS Sign-In User Guide.