Creating a site - Amazon Monitron

Creating a site

To add a site to a project, you must be a project-level admin user. You can create up to 50 sites within a project. and add up to 100 assets and 200 gateways to each site. You can make up to 20 users admin users or technicians for a site.

  1. Log into the Amazon Monitron mobile app on your smartphone.

    Make sure that the project name is shown in the upper left of the screen. It is visible on all screens in the mobile app.

  2. Choose the menu icon (☰).

  3. Choose Sites.

  4. Choose Add site.

  5. For Site name, enter a name.

  6. Choose Add.

    The Sites list displays the new site.

  1. Open the project selector dropdown menu from the upper left part of the app window.

  2. Choose Add a new site

The project-level admin user who creates a site is automatically a site-level admin user for it. For information about adding other users, see Adding a user.