How Amazon Monitron works - Amazon Monitron

How Amazon Monitron works

Amazon Monitron is a machine learning end-to-end condition monitoring solution system that detects developing faults within machinery, enabling you to implement a predictive maintenance program and reduce lost productivity from unplanned machine downtime.

Amazon Monitron includes purpose-built sensors to capture vibration and temperature data, gateways to automatically transfer data to the AWS Cloud, and an application for system set up, analytics, and notiļ¬cation when tracking equipment condition.

Amazon Monitron sensors use an ISO threshold model and a machine learning (ML) model to monitor vibration. The ISO model is used to analyze the magnitude of vibration (machine condition). The ML model is used to detect change in vibration (change in machine condition).

Reliability managers can deploy Amazon Monitron to track machine health of industrial equipment, such as bearings, motors, gearboxes, and pumps, without any development work or specialized training.


Check your Amazon Monitron app regularly for updates and access to the latest features.