Responding to an event with Amazon SNS - AWS Certificate Manager

Responding to an event with Amazon SNS

This section shows how to configure Amazon SNS to send a text notification whenever ACM generates a health event.

Complete the following procedure to configure a response.

To create a Amazon EventBridge rule and trigger an action
  1. Create an Amazon EventBridge rule. For more information, see Creating Amazon EventBridge rules that react to events.

    1. In the Amazon EventBridge console at, navigate to the Events > Rules page and choose Create rule.

    2. On the Create rule page, select Event Pattern.

    3. For Service Name, choose Health from the menu.

    4. For Event Type, choose Specific Health events.

    5. Select Specific service(s) and choose ACM from the menu.

    6. Select Specific event type category(s) and choose accountNotification.

    7. Choose Any event type code.

    8. Choose Any resource.

    9. In the Event pattern preview editor, paste the JSON pattern emitted by the event. This example uses the pattern from the AWS health events section.

    { "source":[ "" ], "detail-type":[ "AWS Health Event" ], "detail":{ "service":[ "ACM" ], "eventTypeCategory":[ "scheduledChange" ], "eventTypeCode":[ "AWS_ACM_RENEWAL_STATE_CHANGE" ] } }
  2. Configure an action.

    In the Targets section, you can choose from among many services that can immediately consume your event, such as Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), or you can choose Lambda function to pass the event to customized executable code. For an example of an AWS Lambda implementation, see Responding to an event with a Lambda function.