Step 6: Update the New Movie Record in the DynamoDB Table - Amazon DynamoDB

Step 6: Update the New Movie Record in the DynamoDB Table

In this step of the Microsoft .NET and DynamoDB Tutorial, you update the new movie record in several different ways.

Change Plot and Rating, and Add Actors

The Main function in DynamoDB_intro changes the plot and rating of the movie record that you added in Step 4, and it also adds a list of actors to it. The document model in the AWS SDK for .NET doesn't support updating nested attributes such as the items under the info attribute. Because of this, Main uses the low-level client API rather than a document-model Table method.

It starts by creating a low-level UpdateItemRequest to make this change.

UpdateItemRequest updateRequest = new UpdateItemRequest() { TableName = movies_table_name, Key = new Dictionary<string, AttributeValue> { { partition_key_name, new AttributeValue { N = "2018" } }, { sort_key_name, new AttributeValue { S = "The Big New Movie" } } }, ExpressionAttributeValues = new Dictionary<string, AttributeValue> { { ":r", new AttributeValue { N = "5.5" } }, { ":p", new AttributeValue { S = "Everything happens all at once!" } }, { ":a", new AttributeValue { L = new List<AttributeValue> { new AttributeValue { S ="Larry" }, new AttributeValue { S = "Moe" }, new AttributeValue { S = "Curly" } } } } }, UpdateExpression = "SET info.rating = :r, info.plot = :p, info.actors = :a", ReturnValues = "NONE" };

Setting ReturnValues to NONE specifies that no update information should be returned. However, when Main then waits on UpdatingMovie_async, it sets the report parameter to true. This causes UpdatingMovie_async to change ReturnValues to ALL_NEW, meaning that the updated item should be returned in its entirety.

The UpdatingMovie_async is implemented in the 06_UpdatingItem.cs file.

using System; using System.Threading.Tasks; using Amazon.DynamoDBv2.Model; namespace DynamoDB_intro { public static partial class DdbIntro { public static async Task<bool> UpdatingMovie_async(UpdateItemRequest updateRequest) { var result = false; try { await Client.UpdateItemAsync(updateRequest); result = true; } catch (Exception) { result = false; } return result; } } }

UpdatingMovie_async waits on the low-level DynamoDB Client.UpdateItemAsync method to update the movie record. If the update is successful, and if the report parameter is true, UpdatingMovie_async displays the updated movie record.

Where the document model has a handy Document.ToJsonPretty( ) method for displaying document content, working with low-level attribute values is a little more complicated. The 00b_DDB_Attributes.cs file can provide some examples of how to access and work with AttributeValue objects.

Increment the Movie Rating Atomically

DynamoDB supports the atomic update of counters, where you use a low-level update method to increment or decrement the value of an existing attribute without interference from other write requests. (All write requests in DynamoDB are applied in the order in which they are received.)

To increment the rating value in the movie that you just created, the Main function makes the following changes in the UpdateItemRequest that it used in the previous update.

updateRequest.ExpressionAttributeValues = new Dictionary<string, AttributeValue> { { ":inc", new AttributeValue { N = "1" } } }; updateRequest.UpdateExpression = "SET info.rating = info.rating + :inc";

Then, once again, it waits on UpdatingMovie_async to make the change.

Try to Update Using a Condition That Fails

You can also add a condition to an update request, so that if the condition is not met, the update does not occur.

To demonstrate this, the Main function makes the following changes to the UpdateItemRequest that it just used to increment the movie rating.

updateRequest.ExpressionAttributeValues.Add( ":n", new AttributeValue { N = "3" } ); updateRequest.ConditionExpression = "size(info.actors) > :n";

The update can now occur only if there are more than three actors in the movie record being updated. Because there are only three actors listed, the condition fails when Main waits on UpdatingMovie_async, and the update does not occur.

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