Creating purpose-built Amazon Q Apps - Amazon Q Business

Creating purpose-built Amazon Q Apps


Amazon Q Apps is in preview release and is subject to change.

You and your web experience users can create lightweight, purpose-built Amazon Q Apps within your broader Amazon Q Business application environment. Using enterprise data, users can create a generative AI-powered app that streamlines their tasks. These apps can be easily created by anyone at the click of a button, transforming their conversations with an Amazon Q Business assistant into reusable and shareable Amazon Q Apps.

For example, if your Amazon Q Business assistant generates useful content for all company employees, your marketing team could then create their own Amazon Q App for task automation. Let’s say a marketing team member finds a useful response to their question. The marketing team member can use that response or conversation and further build onto it to generate marketing content that adheres to the company's branding guidelines already known to Amazon Q Business.

Amazon Q Apps is enabled by default when you create a new Amazon Q Business application environment using IAM Identity Center in the Amazon Q Business console. If Amazon Q Apps is disabled and you want to use it, you must set up your broader application environment to use IAM Identity Center. IAM Identity Center is the only acceptable SAML 2.0-compliant identity provider (IdP) for granting user access and is required to create and run Amazon Q Apps within the web experience. Amazon Q Apps can be accessed through the web experience.