Feature branch deployments and team workflows - AWS Amplify Hosting

Feature branch deployments and team workflows

Amplify Hosting is designed to work with feature branch and GitFlow workflows. Amplify leverages Git branches to create new deployments every time a developer connects a new branch in their repository. After connecting your first branch, you can create a new feature branch deployment by adding a branch as follows:

  1. On the branch list page, choose Connect branch.

  2. Choose a branch from your repository.

  3. Save and then deploy your app.

Your app now has two deployments available at https://main.appid.amplifyapp.com and https://dev.appid.amplifyapp.com. This may vary from team-to-team, but typically the main branch tracks release code and is your production branch. The develop branch is used as an integration branch to test new features. This enables beta testers to test unreleased features on the develop branch deployment, without affecting any of the production end users on the main branch deployment.