Amazon API Gateway
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Gateway Responses in API Gateway

A gateway response is identified by a response type defined by API Gateway. The response consists of an HTTP status code, a set of additional headers that are specified by parameter mappings, and a payload that is generated by a non-VTL mapping template.

In the API Gateway REST API, a gateway response is represented by the GatewayResponse. In OpenAPI, a GatewayResponse instance is described by the x-amazon-apigateway-gateway-responses.gatewayResponse extension.

To enable a gateway response, you set up a gateway response for a supported response type at the API level. Whenever API Gateway returns a response of the type, the header mappings and payload mapping templates defined in the gateway response are applied to return the mapped results to the API caller.

In the following section, we show how to set up gateway responses using the API Gateway console and the API Gateway REST API.