Amazon API Gateway
Developer Guide

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Set Up API Keys Using the API Gateway REST API

To set up API keys, do the following:

  • Configure API methods to require an API key.

  • Create or import an API key for the API in a region.

Before setting up API keys, you must have created an API and deployed it to a stage.

For the REST API calls to create and deploy an API, see restapi:create and deployment:create, respectively.

Require an API Key on a Method

To require an API key on a method, do one of the following:

  • Call method:put to create a method. Set apiKeyRequired to true in the request payload.

  • Call method:update to set apiKeyRequired to true.

Create or Import API Keys

To create or import an API key, do one of the following:

With the API key created, you can now proceed to Create, Configure, and Test Usage Plans Using the API Gateway CLI and REST API.