Amazon API Gateway
Developer Guide

Trace API Gateway API Execution with AWS X-Ray

You can use AWS X-Ray to trace and analyze user requests as they travel through your Amazon API Gateway APIs to the underlying services. API Gateway supports AWS X-Ray tracing for all API Gateway endpoint types: regional, edge-optimized, and private. You can use AWS X-Ray with Amazon API Gateway in all regions where X-Ray is available.

X-Ray gives you an end-to-end view of an entire request, so you can analyze latencies in your APIs and their backend services. You can use an X-Ray service map to view the latency of an entire request and that of the downstream services that are integrated with X-Ray. And you can configure sampling rules to tell X-Ray which requests to record, at what sampling rates, according to criteria that you specify. If you call an API Gateway API from a service that's already being traced, API Gateway passes the trace through, even if X-Ray tracing is not enabled on the API.

You can enable X-Ray for an API stage by using the API Gateway management console, or by using the API Gateway API or CLI.