Monitor REST APIs in API Gateway - Amazon API Gateway

Monitor REST APIs in API Gateway

In this section, you can learn how to monitor your API by using CloudWatch metrics, CloudWatch Logs, Firehose, and AWS X-Ray. By combining CloudWatch execution logs and CloudWatch metrics, you can log errors and execution traces, and monitor your API's performance. You might also want to log API calls to Firehose. You can also use AWS X-Ray to trace calls through the downstream services that make up your API.


API Gateway might not generate logs and metrics in the following cases:

  • 413 Request Entity Too Large errors

  • Excessive 429 Too Many Requests errors

  • 400 series errors from requests sent to a custom domain that has no API mapping

  • 500 series errors caused by internal failures

API Gateway will not generate logs and metrics when testing a REST API method. The CloudWatch entries are simulated. For more information, see Use the API Gateway console to test a REST API method.