Prerequisites: Get ready to build an API in API Gateway - Amazon API Gateway

Prerequisites: Get ready to build an API in API Gateway

Before using Amazon API Gateway for the first time, you must have an AWS account.

In many of the tutorials in Getting started with Amazon API Gateway and Amazon API Gateway tutorials, the necessary IAM policies are created for you. However, when you begin creating your own API, you'll need to study the information below and in Control access to an API with IAM permissions.

Sign up for an AWS account

To use Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and other AWS services, you need an AWS account. If you don't have an account, visit and choose Create an AWS Account. For detailed instructions, see Create and Activate an AWS Account.

Create an IAM administrator user

As a best practice, you should also create an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user with administrator permissions. Use that for all work that does not require root credentials. Create a password for console access, and access keys to use command line tools. For instructions, see Creating Your First IAM Admin User and Group in the IAM User Guide.