Document History for AWS Application Discovery Service - AWS Application Discovery Service

Document History for AWS Application Discovery Service

  • API version: 2015-11-01

  • Latest User Guide documentation update: November 14, 2019

The following table describes important changes to the AWS Migration Hub User Guide after January 18 2019. For notifications about documentation updates, you can subscribe to the RSS feed.

Change Description Date

Introducing the Home Region

The Migration Hub home region provides a single repository of discovery and migration planning information for your entire portfolio, and a single view of migrations into multiple AWS Regions.

November 20, 2019

Introducing the Migration Hub import feature

Migration Hub import allows you to import information about your on-premises servers and applications into Migration Hub, including server specifications and utilization data. You can also use this data to track the status of application migrations. For more information, see Migration Hub Import.

January 18, 2019

The following table describes documentation releases for the AWS Migration Hub User Guide before January 18, 2019:

Change Description Date
New Feature Updated docs to support Data Exploration in Amazon Athena and added Troubleshooting chapter. August 09, 2018
Major revision Rewrites to usage & output details; entire document restructured. May 25, 2018
Discovery Agent 2.0 A new and improved Application Discovery agent was released. October 19, 2017
Console The AWS Management Console was added. December 19, 2016
Agentless discovery This release describes how to set up and configure agentless discovery. July 28, 2016
New details for Microsoft Windows Server and command issue fixes This update adds details about Microsoft Windows Server. It also documents fixes to various command issues. May 20, 2016
Initial publication This is the first release of the Application Discovery Service User Guide. May 12, 2016