Update Management in Amazon AppStream 2.0 - Amazon AppStream 2.0

Update Management in Amazon AppStream 2.0

AppStream 2.0 provides an automated way to update your image builder with newer AppStream 2.0 software. When your images are configured to always use the latest AppStream 2.0 agent version, your streaming instances are automatically updated with the latest features, performance improvements, and security updates that are available from AWS. For information about how to manage AppStream 2.0 agent versions, see Manage AppStream 2.0 Agent Versions.

You are responsible for installing and maintaining the updates for the Windows operating system, your applications, and their dependencies. For more information, see Keep Your AppStream 2.0 Image Up-to-Date.

To manage updates for applications on your streaming instances, you can use any automatic update services provided. You can also follow the recommendations for installing updates provided by the application vendor.