Tutorials - AWS AppSync


Data sources and resolvers are how AWS AppSync translates GraphQL requests and fetches information from your AWS resources. AWS AppSync has support for automatic provisioning and connections with certain data source types. AWS AppSync supports AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, relational databases (Amazon Aurora Serverless), Amazon Elasticsearch Service, and HTTP endpoints as data sources. You can use a GraphQL API with your existing AWS resources or build data sources and resolvers. This section takes you through this process in a series of tutorials for better understanding how the details work and tuning options.

AWS AppSync uses Mapping Templates for resolvers as described in Resolver Mapping Template Reference which are written in VTL. You can find a programming guide under Resolver Mapping Template Programming Guide.

AWS AppSync supports the automatic provisioning of DynamoDB tables from a GraphQL schema as described in (Optional) Provision from Schema and Launch a Sample Schema. You can also import from an existing DynamoDB table which will create schema and connect resolvers. This is outlined in (Optional) Import from Amazon DynamoDB.