Configuring overrides - Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling

Configuring overrides

Depending on your requirements, you must override some attributes in the current launch template when using multiple instance types. For example, some instance types might require a launch template with a different AMI. To do so, you must configure the Overrides property.

The Overrides property allows you to define a set of properties that Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling can use to launch instances, including:

  • InstanceType — The instance type. For more information about the instance types that are available, see Instance types in the Amazon EC2 User Guide for Linux Instances.

  • LaunchTemplateSpecification — (Optional) A launch template for an individual instance type. This property is currently limited to the AWS CLI or an SDK, and is not available from the console.

  • WeightedCapacity — (Optional) The number of units that a provisioned instance of this type provides toward fulfilling the desired capacity of the Auto Scaling group.