Working with audit reports - AWS Backup

Working with audit reports

AWS Backup Audit Manager reports are automatically generated evidence of your AWS Backup activity, such as:

  • Which backup jobs finished and when

  • Which resources you backed up

AWS Backup Audit Manager delivers a daily report in CSV, JSON, or both formats to your Amazon S3 bucket. The timing of the daily report might fluctuate over several hours because AWS Backup Audit Manager performs randomization to maintain its performance. You can also run an on-demand report anytime.

You can have a maximum of 20 report plans per AWS account.


Resources such as RDS that do not have the capability to show incremental bytes of data of a specific backup will display the value backupSizeInBytes as 0.

To allow AWS Backup Audit Manager to create daily or on-demand reports, you must first create a report plan from a report template.